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Product description

Tempo is a stretchable upholstery fabric in a light gauge of Trevira. The fabric’s easily stretchable quality makes it well suited for upholstering contemporary, organically shaped furniture. The Dutch textile designer Frans Dijkmeijer designed the weave. The unique quality is that the structure enables him to obtain a very elastic material that he otherwise would have only been able to produce using elastic. As a result, Trevira CS retains its fine flame-retardant features. British designer Georgina Wright has created the range of colours. The range is constructed so that most shades are neutral and slightly underplayed and go well in every context. The range also includes a handful of bright accent colours that can be combined for effects or used to draw out the colours of the subdued tones.

100% Trevira CS 22 colours 140 cm wide

Product details
Product code
8106 / 1024183
Georgina Wright
Fabric width
140 cm
Weight (/m)
0.47 g/m
p H U D L
heavy use/contract
Technical specs
flame retardant, TREVIRA®
Use for
  • Material: 100% Trevira CS
  • Light fastness: 5-7
About the brand

The importance of textiles
Textiles make an impression and create atmosphere, they influence our perception of furniture and space. When we interact with furniture, upholstery completes the experience. Curtains transform rooms, they influence light and acoustics. Kvadrat is attuned to the appearance and function of textiles, to create a product that takes part in and influences modern design culture. It is our ambition to push the boundaries of textiles and of modern and contemporary design whether it be aesthetic, technological or artistic. We work closely with designers, architects and artists to achieve this.

About Kvadrat
Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968. The headquarters has always been located in Ebeltoft, Jutland. Kvadrat is owned and managed by the two families Rasmussen and Byriel. The second generation took over in July 2000. Kvadrat develops high quality modern textiles and textile-related products for both architects to specify in public spaces and for the private consumer for the home.

Our products reflect a commitment to colour and simplicity, along with the desire to develop textiles based on innovation and experimentation in design. Our textiles have become integral to some of the worlds most spectacular architecture and the most visionary furniture design being created today. This positioning is a huge opportunity, yet at the same time a great responsibility; a responsibility that requires us to take an active role in modern design culture and to take part in shaping and creating its future. Our fabrics are for you to innovate, to design, to create.

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